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DOOZY sounds like a band you once might've heard in a shady downtown bar, on a Parisian sidewalk, or wafting from a Philco wireless on a hot summer evening. Dreamy and quirky original music that's heavy on the lyrics and vocals, backed by an eccentric instrumental style. Music that begs for a couple of rounds of cocktails and a steamy love affair. The mood is sultry but sweet, wry but not jaded, frequently amusing. Doozy transports you to another time but the themes are timeless: the pursuit of love, liquor, and happiness, which rarely seem to come in the right amounts.

DOOZY grew out of singer Christie Mellor's lifelong fondness for the music of the 1920s and ‘30s and her penchant for memorizing every record she could find by the Boswell Sisters, Ruth Etting, Bing Crosby, and Annette Hanshaw. In her other life she’s a published author, actor, and illustrator, but a band was born when she and her neighbor, documentary producer and guitarist Doug Freeman, another fan of early jazz and popular music, started playing together. They roped in three long-time friends and DOOZY was complete: first to join was artist, filmmaker, and fez-wearer John Allen on clarinet; then writer, director, and arranger Peter Hastings on upright bass; and finally jazz and classical pianist Henry Spurgeon on accordion.

After gigging around Los Angeles for a year or so, Christie and Doug began to write and record their own songs together, and the result is DOOZY's first CD of original music, "HEAVY SUGAR."

When not on the road, DOOZY can be heard dishing out their own lush and loopy brand of Prohibition pop and Depression-era cheer—featuring songs from "HEAVY SUGAR"—every Thursday night at the historic Culver Hotel in Los Angeles.

And if you want to see what a Doozy video looks like check these out:




released July 15, 2011

All Songs Written by Christie Mellor (Mellortone Music/BMI) and Doug Freeman (Honkytone Music/BMI) except: Johnny's Come Out by Christie Mellor, Richard Goldman (Dragbunt Music/BMI) and Doug Freeman; Get Out and Get Under the Moon by Larry Shay, Charles Tobias and William Jerome

Doozy is
Christie Mellor - vocals, percussion
Doug Freeman - guitar, ukulele, lap steel guitar, mandolin, percussion, tenor sax, vocals
John Allen - clarinet, baritone sax
Peter Hastings - bass
Henry Spurgeon - accordion, musette, piano

Additional Musicians
Max Kaplan - bass clarinet, clarinet, alto sax
Atticus Mellor-Goldman - cello
Steve Mugalian - percussion
Corey Gemme - cornet, trombone, percussion

Arrangements on Absinthe, I'll Sleep All Day, and Munchkin Hotel by Peter Hastings
Horn arrangement on Don't Mess with Joe by Doug Freeman

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Doug Freeman at Tin Can Sound, Los Angeles, CA

Addtional recording by John Allen at Gower Ranch, Los Angeles, CA

Mastered by Hank Linderman at Parsons Green, Los Angeles, CA



all rights reserved


Doozy Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: All I Really Saw
Paris is no trifle
And I tried to get an eyeful
Did some roamin’ while in Rome and on the Rhine
What we did in Spain
I really can’t explain
It’s all a little blurry
Since you’ve become mine

We saw the sea
The ocean blue
We saw a castle
With turrets and a view
I saw a camel
In fact there were two
But all I really saw was you

We took some snap shots
Said “parlez vous”
We saw the Prado,
La Scala, and the Louvre.
I danced with a Raja
Somewhere in Baku
But all I really saw was you

From New York to New Caledonia
You’re the only thing that caught my eye
The Taj Majal – It was large, I recall
The Sahara… I’m certain, was rather dry

We saw a bridge
We saw a lake
We saw a fakir, or was he just a fake
The lights of Paris - Were so embarrassed
‘Cause all I really saw was you…
Track Name: Absinthe
Another night of sitting alone
Tired of waiting by the telephone
A bar stool below me and heaven above
These are the moments
When I think of love

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder
A couple of rounds and I start to ponder
Looking into your big bad eyes
I’m heading to paradise

Absinthe makes you almost a charmer
Drinkin’ is the chink in my armor
Tell me, what’s the kicker?
Is it your lips, or is it the liquor?

Shake me awake - With a drink and a kiss
I might’ve guessed - it would lead to this

Absinthe makes my heart beat faster
Just one more and I’ll make it last dear
Let me stay in this lovely fog
Then I have to see a man about a dog
Track Name: A Practical Arrangement
I’m your girl, and you’re my fella
Our love is tried and true
But it’s time to be pragmatic
And practical, me and you

I need a wealthy husband
You need a doting wife
So let’s marry other people
And be happy for the rest of our life

With all my faults you love me
And I think that you’re perfectly swell
But we need a man with money
And a woman who’ll treat us well

He would bring the bacon home
While she would bake us pies
We could do what we do best
We’d be so content, you and I

We could live a life of ease
Totally lacking in strife
If we had a wealthy husband
And we had a doting wife

(second bridge)
He’ll take us on shopping sprees
To Paris and to Rome
She’ll bring us our slippers
When we’d rather lounge around at home

We could live a life of ease
Totally lacking in strife
If we had a wealthy husband
And we had a doting wife
Track Name: Too Broke To Be A Sinner
If I had the money, I’d buy a bucket of gin
If I had the heavy sugar, I’d buy a bathtub fulla of gin
‘Stead I’m sitting sipping soda
Oh what a fix I’m in

I can’t afford a reefer, can’t buy no rum or rye
Got no cigarette money,
Cocaine is too much to buy
Wish I could have the heebie-jeebies
But it costs too much to get high

I’m too broke to be a sinner
I can barely buy my dinner
But I’d gamble all my dough if I could
I can’t afford to be a floozy
Too broke to buy the booze
Can’t cry in a beer like I should
If I had a roll of nickels - I’d be up to no good

If I had some pocket money
I’d drink from breakfast to bed
I’d spend it like a sailor- ‘Til I was out of my head
If my pockets weren’t so empty
I’d probably wind up pretty dead
Track Name: I'll Sleep All Day
I’ll sleep all day if I want to
I’ll sleep all day ‘til tea
And after I am fed
I’ll just mosey back to bed
Perhaps you’d like to sleep with me?

I’ll sleep ‘til noon or to midnight
I’ll sleep when I’ve a hank’ring to
I might just want to sleep
When the evening shadows creep
And I might just sleep with you

You’re terrific,
Though awfully soporific
And my eyes just feel like lead
I know it’s only twelve-ish and
I don’t mean to be selfish
But we really oughta go to bed

After sleeping
We can get acquainted
And then we’ll nap ‘til three
It isn’t that you’re boring
(I’d like to get to know you)
I’d just love to hear you snoring
(got a few things I could show you)
Won’t you come and sleep with me?
Track Name: Les Rives Etrangeres
Je ne sais pas parler français
Mais Je sais commander mon café, mes cigarettes,
Et j’peux vous chanter ce p’tit couplet,
Pour m’ rendr’ … une vraie sophistiquette

Je ne suis qu’une Americaine, une Americaine solitaire
Mais mon coeur a soif de rives étrangeres
Laissez-moi marcher vos rues, emprunter votre lune
Je trainerai dans vos cafés jusqu’à ce que mort s’en fume
(Je trainerai dans vos cates joos-KA-s-kuh mort sen fume)

Je ne suis qu’une Americaine, une Americaine solitaire
Je ne comprend pas vo-tre savoir faire
(Je n’comprend pas votre Atmosphère)
Mais je rirai sans comprendre (dutout) c’que vous dis
Et pour un instant a moi je vivrai votre vie
Track Name: Don't Mess With Joe
I go to get a cuppa coffee
Tastes like caramel and toffee
Don’t know why you want to mess around with my…cuppa joe

Just want a plain old cuppa java
Black and hot as molten lava
There's no need to add a thing, just bring it to me…and I’ll go

Don’t take away my morning mud
Stop messin’ with my joe
My coffee don’t need frills and fluff
Please pour it nice and slow

Don’t want Café Americano
Or double mocha macchiato
Just cut me a little slack and pour it black…my cuppa joe
Track Name: Same Old Song
He met and she met one hot summer night
They laughed and they loved
And they had a fight
He left and she left by morning’s first light
And love went terribly wrong

He fell and she fell they fell for each other
He whispered she sighed
And they came together
He found then she found the arms of another
And love went terribly wrong

It’s the same old story it’s the same old song
It’s all so right – ‘til it’s all so wrong
He loves - she loves - together - apart
He lost his head – she gave up her heart

He gave and she gave all they had to give
He promised, she vowed
“As long as we live”
(‘Til) he fell and she fell they couldn’t forgive
And love went terribly wrong
Track Name: Munchkin Hotel
You may have trouble
You may have sorrow
You may have –
To work tomorrow
But I know a place
Where the dancin’s free
The Munchkin Hotel
Is the place to be

You could stay home
All night and snooze
Or you could put on
Your dancing shoes
Come on down to the
Munchkin Hotel
Where all the little munchkins
Goin’ straight to hell

Munchkins all got happy pants
‘Cause the drinks are two feet tall
Take a tiny step
To the floor and dance
And have yourselves
A munchkin ball

We can be gay, at least ‘til eleven
Jump and sway,
It’s a slice of heaven
Meet me in the lobby of the
Munchkin Hotel
Where all the little munchkins
Goin’ straight to hell
Track Name: Johnny's Come Out
He’s left his cave, he’s steppin’ out
He’s showered and used a comb
He’ll put on some pants and be ready to dance
As long as he gets to stay at home

Johnny’s come out, but not too far
Johnny’s come out, to his backyard
Life’s too short to stay inside
So Johnny’s come out tonight

Johnny’s come out, he’s so bold
Johnny’s come out, ‘cause he’s growin’ mold
He’s got cobwebs on his hide
So Johnny’s come out tonight

His house!
He don’t leave his house
His house!
He don’t leave his house.
His house!
He don’t leave his house,
But Johnny’s coming out tonight

He’s dressed to kill and he’s feeling swell
He’ll venture out when there’s ice in hell
But fix him a drink and mix it well
And Johnny will come out tonight, whoa
Johnny’s coming out tonight
Track Name: Get Out And Get Under The Moon
When you're all alone, any old night
And you're feeling out of tune
Pick up your hat, close up your flat
Get out, get under the moon

Underneath the bright, silvery light
You'll be feeling better soon
Pick up your hat, close up your flat
Get out, get under the moon

Look! Look! Look at those stars above
Look, look, look at those sweeties love
Oh boy, give me a night in June!

When it's raining out, stay in your flat
But on a lovely night in June
Pick up your hat, close up your flat
Get out, get under the moon

When you're all alone, any old night
And you're feeling out of tune
Pick up your hat, close up your flat
Get out, get under the moon

Underneath the bright, silvery light
You'll be feeling better soon
Pick up your hat, close up your flat
Get out, get under the moon

Walk, walk, kiss and then walk again
Talk, talk, kiss and then talk again
Oh boy, give me a night in June

When it's raining out, stay in your flat
And you're feeling out of tune
Pick up your hat, close up your flat
Get out, get under the moon
Track Name: Street Of Dreams
Tonight we must part, it’s been heaven
The party is over it seems
But we’ll meet later in the moonlight
In the middle of the street of dreams

I’ll miss you, it’s true, but it’s late dear
A taxi will take me to bed
But I’ll meet you later in dreamland
I’ve got visions of you in my head

It’s not easy to leave you,
(But) there’s something I know
Just be patient and I’ll see you
In an hour or so
There’s a little club in dreamland
We can dance all night
I’ll stay in your arms – we’ll kiss ‘til it’s light

And when I see you tomorrow
Your eyes will surmise what it means
You’ll remember that we met in dreamland
In the middle of the street of dreams